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Growth spurts. That’s all we ever wanted.

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How to friend


any explanation to why we dressed the same…?


Costume for the Day is going to have it’s first ever art show this October at the Subterranean Arthouse in Berkeley.  The opening reception is Thursday, October 9th at 7pm.  Come by and I will draw your CFTD for a small trifle <3

Costume For The Day:

- Vintage gauze cotton wrap midi-skirt - it’s got a crazy evolution-esque scene on it.  If birds turned into fishes that is.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s what happened.  Birds flew down from the sky straight into the water - like nose-dived straight in.  And all their feathers flew off and they grew scales and gills and became fishes.  Darwin would be proud ^_^

- Heather grey v-neck tee (American Apparel)(Yep - the same old tee that every Tom, Dick and Sally has.)

- Woven huaraches (I swear I never spell that word right on the first try) that I got from the Mexican Market in LA.

- Black cat face earrings


im make mh dj and cry


Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul *u* ♥

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Makoto & Haru in Tokyo…

Jealous Haru, probably the best Haru.


…I know It’s probably hard to notice but I really like Greninja haha :D

Also, who’s excited for ssb4? Only a week till the release yesssss

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How to mate with an orca 101


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I don’t know what kyoani is thinking putting these two and cats together means playing a dangerous game

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Some of the makorin/rinmako pencil sketches from my notebook and things I can’t say I’m proud of (NSFW - it escalates)

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